Computer Software
Computer hardware and software information for your office and home.

Adventist National Account - We recommend you check with the Adventist National Account before using the vendors below!

- Get the latest information about high speed internet access and performance issues.

Great Computer Deals
- Seventh-day Adventist employees, members and friends can now order PC's for personal use from Dell. Anybody ordering from this web site and using the Adventist membership number will benefit by receiving additional discounts and/or promotions from Dell. The Employee Purchase Plan (EPP) works for anyone who purchases a computer through the above web link. The Seventh-day Adventist membership number is GS30852341.

Jewel Church Software - A complete, easy-to-use, Windows-based, accounting package for church treasurers.

Software for Ministry - Church membership directory and Interest File tracking and more. Works with NAD's web-based clerk system, eAdventist.NET.

NAD Information Technology Services
provides the Division with on-going development, upgrading, and support for the computer hardware, software, and technical training required its employees.

Understanding and Scanning Graphics - If you have a scanner but aren't sure how to use it, take a few minutes to read this article.

Servant Keeper - Use it to meet the challenges of membership and attendance tracking, contribution and pledge entry, generating reports and directories, and more.

Software Spectrum - Get educational discounts on various software packages.

Symantec Anti Virus Center - Stay informed about the latest viruses on the loose.

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