The iChurch Method

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    Jason Caston

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The purpose of this book is simple: To help ministries advance the Kingdom online and take the gospel to the world. What is the iChurch Method? It’s a five-part approach to taking your ministry online and reaching the world:

  • Website – A Great Website that is Easy to Use
  • Multimedia – Interactive Multimedia
  • Ecommerce – Online Stores/Online Donations
  • Social Media – Engage and Connect
  • Mobile – The Future of Technology and Ministry

About the author: Jason Caston is more than a man on a mission; he’s a man with a calling. Having worked with major ministries such as Ever Increasing Faith/Crenshaw Christian Center (Pastor Fred Price), The Potter’s House/T.D. Jakes Ministries, Fellowship Church/Ed Young Ministries and Saddleback Church (Pastor Rick Warren), Caston has proven that his cutting edge technological savvy and business acumen have made him a sought-after Internet church expert.

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 188 pages.

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