Larry Easton - Adventist Ministries Convention 2014

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Presentation from the 2014 Adventist Ministries Convention: Faith and the Internet: Strengthening Relationships and Reaching all Nations

Larry is an internet strategist, organizer, and issue advocate. Larry has worked with nonprofits and issue campaigns for 25 years and has a passion for equity, education, health, and environmental issues.

Clients include the International Medical Corps; Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Parent Revolution, which is working to transform public education in Los Angeles; RAND Corporation; and the California Department of Mental Health. Larry is a frequent speaker on strategic planning and technology.

In 2005 Larry won the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet’s Golden Dot award for Best Statewide Internet Campaign. This was for his work developing and directing the online presence for the campaign – a winning ballot measure that is adding $1 billion a year in funding for the mental health services in California. In 2006, Larry led the online effort for the successful campaign to defeat California Proposition 85 and to defeat Props 1 D and 1 E in CA’s 2009 Special Election.

Larry serves as Chair of the Board for Healthy Child Healthy World. A surfer, painter and potter, Larry teaches ceramics at Bitter Root Pottery, is a native of Los Angeles and graduate of the Occidental College. He lives with his wife, daughter and 5 rescue dogs in Silver Lake, CA.

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