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This 6-panel flyer shows all pieces of the Cactusville VBX curriculum.

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Cactusville VBX Starter Kit - EnglishCactusville VBX Starter Kit - EnglishWelcome to Cactusville, one of the most adventurous towns in the Southwest! Cactusville is a mining town tucked away in the desert where the sun is always shining, the skies are bright blue, and the peaks of the surrounding mountains look like broken spurs. Yee-haw! Kids will experience a rip...Price: $159.99Cactusville VBX Certificate of Attendance (pkg of 10)Cactusville VBX Certificate of Attendance (pkg of 10)Give one certificate to each child who attends Cactusville VBX. Sold in packs of 10.Price: $2.99Cactusville VBX Critter Set - Pack of 10Cactusville VBX Critter Set - Pack of 10Each child will receive one Cactusville Critter each day of VBX and they will put their critters on a leather strap. This set includes critters and leather straps for 10 kids.Price: $19.99Cactusville VBX Adult T-shirtsCactusville VBX Adult T-shirtsGive each of your Cactusville staff a t-shirt to wear during VBX.Price: $8.99Cactusville VBX String BackpackCactusville VBX String BackpackEach Cactusville Wrangler will need a string backpack to keep track of their group's items each day.Price: $1.49Cactusville VBX Promotional Poster (set of 5)Cactusville VBX Promotional Poster (set of 5)This is the promotional poster set of 5 for the Cactusville Vacation Bible Xperience program. These posters are to promote this VBX program by posting them in your local church or other places that will help people want to participate. The set is of five of the same poster. Size 8.5 x 11. Copyright...Price: $3.99Cactusville VBX Music DVD/CDCactusville VBX Music DVD/CDThis program music set includes a CD with all Cactusville songs and a DVD featuring the songs with lyrics and actions.Price: $14.99Cactusville VBX Youth T-shirtCactusville VBX Youth T-shirtThis t-shirt is perfect for the kids who come to your Cactusville VBX program.Price: $5.95Women's Ministries CatalogWomen's Ministries CatalogThis catalog is full of resources for women's ministries leaders. Included are articles, websites, ideas and items you can purchase to assist you in ministry.Price: FreeCactusville Wranglers GuideCactusville Wranglers GuideThe Wrangler's Guide includes all the information Wranglers need to lead small groups of kids through Cactusville each day. You'll find detailed instructions, questions for discussion, and more. Each Wrangler will need their own copy.Price: $1.49

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