The Gospel According to a Snowflake

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    Terry & Jean McComb

  • Publisher: The Gospel According to Creation


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This book is designed for parents to experience the wonders of nature with their child. It is hoped that each page will increase the wisdom of both, as they have an encounter with their Creator.

Snow is mentioned twenty-five times in the Bible. In this book you may discover some the the spiritual lessons from snow. Your child may wish to color the picture after each lesson. We recommend the study of snowflakes with the aid of a magnifying glass of microscope.

May the gems of truth found during this frozen season enrich your character to be as beautiful as the divine design of a snow crystal. Its frosty charms silently proclaim, "God is Love."

This book is filled with activities for children to color, make paper snow flakes, and much more.

Paperback. Copyright 2007. 60 pages.

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