Criteria for a Great Website

 1. Does the home page load in a timely fashion?

Very quick load time (10 seconds or less)
Quick load time (between 11 and 21 seconds)
Acceptable load time (between 22 and 35 seconds)
Slow load time (between 36 and 50 seconds)
Very slow load time (greater than 51 seconds)

 2. Is the home page understandable?

Very well presented (features are exceptional)
Well presented (features are easy to access)
Acceptably presented (features and links are adequate)
Errors found (broken links, missing sections, spelling errors)
Poor presentation (discourages visitors from going further)

 3. Do site pages feature logical navigation options?

All pages include well designed navigation (no scrolling needed)
All pages include well designed navigation (some scrolling needed)
Most pages include adequate navigation links
Many pages include adequate navigation links (30-50%)
Very few pages have adequate navigation links (under 30%)

 4. Does the website feature the local church?

Local church featured very well (ministries, events, Pastor's bio, etc.)
Local church featured well (ministries, events, leaders, etc.)
Local church acceptably featured (they have made an average attempt)
Local church information is spotty
Poor featuring of local church

 5. Is the content up-to-date?

Content very up-to-date + future events announced
Content very up-to-date (not more than a week old)
Content somewhat up-to-date (not more than a month old)
Content showing signs of no maintenance
Out-of-date content (more than 2 months old)

 6. Is contact information available?

All contact info easily available (address, phone, email, map link)
All contact info is available (address, phone, email, map link)
Some contact info easily available (address or phone number, or email)
Some contact info available, but hard to find (address or phone, etc.)
No contact info found

 7. Are meeting and worship times clearly posted?

Both worship and meeting times very easy to find
Both worship and meeting times fairly easy to find
Worship and/or meeting times can be found on site
Worship and meeting times not displayed on home page
Worship or meeting times not found on site at all

 8. Do the colors and overall design compliment each other?

Colors and design are very pleasant [br /]Colors and design are pleasant
Colors and design are acceptable
Some elements are acceptable, but others are not
Colors and design are both poorly done

 9. Does the site include an evangelism component?

Excellent evangelistic appeal (Warm and inviting, Bible studies, etc.)
Good evangelistic appeal (Bible studies, and other features)
Fair evangelistic appeal (site copy is warm and friendly)
Some evangelistic appeal (hit and miss effort)
Little or no evangelistic appeal

10. Is the content easy to read (grammar, spelling, etc.)?
Content is exceptional with no errors in grammar or spelling
Content is very high quality (minor errors here and there)
Content is good but not a lot of it (not many pages)
Content is acceptable (but shows carelessness, misspelled words, etc.)
Content is poorly written and hard to follow

11. The site helps eliminate confusion about who Adventists are?

No "SDA" usage, and presents mainstream Adventist theology, if featured
No "SDA" usage except in Domain name. Mainstream theology, if featured
Some "SDA" usage with clear definition. Mainstream theology, if featured
More "SDA" usage without definition, or questionable theology, if featured
Frequent "SDA" usage, or offshoot theology, if featured

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