Faith and Fun Rolled into One

Finally, a simple, Bible-based resource for children that will teach them about faith while they are having fun and learning more about God! Everything you need to hold a successful children's program. Use in connection with an evangelistic series or by itself.

All the resources you need are included in this kit:

Music Suggestions
24 Stories (12 Original and 12 Your Story Hour Dramatized Stories)
24 Kids' Lessons (Ages 3-7), 10 sets of 24 Lessons
10 Kids' Lesson Booklets (Ages 8-12)
1 Teacher's Manual (Ages 8-12)
Instructions for 24 Crafts
CD or Video Presentation Suggestions
Invitation Cards (10)
An oversized zippered bag is provided for all your supplies

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10 sets of 24 lessons - $130.00 Ages 3-7 Ages 8-12
10 Kid's lesson booklets - $42.50
10 Invitation Cards - $6.00 Order now!

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