Flea Market Evangelism

Our church decided to take God’s love to the market place—a local flea market! The rewards have been so great, we are convinced it could work in many others communities as well.

The Benefits:

1. Taking God’s message to a flea market can be a rewarding literature evangelism ministry. Using this method enables you to place truth in the hands of those interested in the books you feature. We recommend that you use full message books, not just tracts.

2. Through this avenue of friendship evangelism, you’ll get to know Bible study interests in a non-threatening neutral setting. Having a booth provides a place to share information about upcoming Bible classes, health seminars and other events.

3. This is a great way for church members to become involved in a form of evangelism that is comfortable and easy to perform. Sabbath school classes or small groups can take this on as an outreach project.

4. This ministry encourages mission driven sacrifice. The entire church will benefit from hearing repeated stories of witnessing opportunities and miraculous funds provided for purchasing materials and paying for the booth space.

5. Practically every community has a flea market, which makes this form of evangelism possible in many communities.

6. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed with how God answers your prayers. This ministry requires continual praying, before, during, and after the books are given. We’re told that all human effort, not combined with Divine power, will ultimately fail. So, we develop a list of names to pray for. We also invite the entire church to join us in prayer.


1. Locate a local flea market, preferably indoor, with a corner booth for table space. For maximum traffic flow try to locate near the entrance, a bathroom or food concessions. If possible, secure your spot for a month at a time. If your booth is in locked building you won’t have to remove your materials when the market is shut down.

2. Display your materials on the table in an attractive way. Place small signs on the table that say “Free Books – Not for Sale.” If you use a table cloth this will hide any boxes you may have under the table. Bring in some chairs (a couple extras for visitors if they want to sit and talk).

3. In a central location on the table, place a small 18 inch podium with a large open family Bible open to Psalm 119 with a wire, top to bottom attaching it to the podium. (Someone may try to take Bible) If available, shine a spotlight on this from above. Make signs saying: “Spotlight on the Bible.” This will be the theme of your booth.

4. An added attraction to the booth is to have a monitor continuously playing Doug Batchelor doing a Bible Answers program. Place Bible enrollment cards and copies of the first lesson nearby with a large sign saying: Free Amazing Facts Bible course. To order a supply call 1-800-538-7275. Many people in our area insist on KJV only. These lessons are the only ones we know that use it.

5. Select a clear, deep flower vase for donations. Lean a cardboard sign against it, saying: “Donations gratefully accepted.” Keep bills pushed to bottom of vase. Establish a list of volunteers who can help man the booth. The best approach we have found is to have at least two people in the booth. If the flea market has moderate to heavy traffic, the donations you receive should help you cover your booth rental.

6. When purchasing missionary books, always ask for the best price on case quantities. Expect to distribute between 400 and 3,000 books per month. The Adventist Book Center carries Review and Herald and Pacific Press, and other Seventh-day Adventist publishers. We give out books and colorful magazines on dedicated doctrines.


1. Blessings on others and yourself. Walk with God as Enoch did.

2. Sacrifice, time spent, opposition, work, focus on others.

3. Harvest of souls for the kingdom.

David Graham attends the Laurelbrook Academy Church in Dayton, TN. The flea market he works at is located in Chattanooga, TN.

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