HeartQuest - Now on DVD

Now you can show HeartQuest in your home, church or fellowship hall on your own schedule. Or give it as a gift to shut-ins, nursing homes or prisons.

NET 2007, HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along” is different from past NET series. It contains a more contemporary biblical message emphasizing Jesus’ love, acceptance and forgiveness.

HeartQuest is designed to assist you on your journey to genuine spirituality. Each program will explore a different aspect of spirituality and provide practical tools to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with God.

DVDs are now available from AdventSource. The set contains all 13 programs on 5 DVDs. To order call 800-328-0525 or go to

About the Host
Host Mike Tucker is the speaker/director for the international television ministry Faith For Today. His wife and co-host Gayle Tucker is an associate pastor and music director for the 1,800-member "grace based" church in Arlington, Texas where Mike serves as the senior pastor

HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekends

Because of so many positive responses to HeartQuest, Pastor Mike Tucker decided to take it on the road with HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekends. If you would like to arrange a HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekend for your conference or union, or would like to attend one, contact Ruth Metcalf at 805-955-7683.

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