Here’s another wonderful way to keep in touch with your youth, to advertise youth ministry activities, and to highlight the importance of youth ministry – a regularly scheduled newsletter, full of information by, for and about the youth of your church.

Three Pre-Publication Considerations
  1. Interest. Who are the potential writers in your youth group? Is this important enough to raise money for regular printing and postage? Can the interest be sustained? 
  2. Schedule. How much time are you going to be able to devote to this activity? Who will be able to find time to help? How often do you want to publish? Monthly? Quarterly?
  3. Style. Find newsletters that look good to you. Tear out pages of magazines that have the right feel. Look for design, layout, type, headlines, how pictures are used, etc. Have your youth agree on the best style for their newsletter.
Four Phases of Your Editorial Meeting
  1. Make Evaluations. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the last issue of your newsletter. Be sure to laud excellent reporting and creative writing.
  2. Assign Articles. What events are coming up? What columns should appear? What feature articles would be helpful? Decide who will write what. Talk about the type of article you want. Determine the length. Ask for short, descriptive sentences.
  3. Establish Deadlines. Create a reasonable deadline and enlist everyone’s commitment to it.
  4. Get to Work. Research comes first. Then interviews for content, comments and opinions. Then a first draft (create, create, create, then edit). Deliver the written piece on disk so that it doesn’t have to be re-keyboarded.  
Twelve Article Ideas for Your Newsletter
  1. People. Report Birthdays, vacations and visits, graduations, promotions, milestones, baptisms. Hold interviews with interesting people in your church and/or community.
  2. How To. Whatever topic your editorial team thinks should be covered: how to study your Bible; how to pass a test; how to share your faith; how to eat healthfully; how to ask someone for a date; etc.
  3. Special Events. What celebrations, social activities or mission trips are coming up’? When’s the next youth church scheduled? Don’t forget holiday parties, graduations, baptisms, etc.
  4. Regular Events. Who’s in charge of next month’s Sabbath School programs? What are the AY program topics’? Include items from your master calendar.
  5. Regular Columns. A word from the chair of your youth council. Inspirational thought6 from your pastor. Questions and answers. What’s hot and what’s not. Reviews on music, movies magazines and books.
  6. Explanatory Articles. Write about how Sabbath School is planned, how your budget is met, what Cornerstone Connections is planning to discuss this quarter, etc. Use entries from The ABZs of Adventist Youth Ministry.
  7. Financial News. What financial needs are most pressing? What fund raising events are planned? Talk about scholarships, donations, work opportunities, etc.  
  8. Recipes. Favorite cookies. Creative pizza ideas. Holiday treats. Healthful snacks.
  9. Cartoons. Most youth ministry magazines carry cartoons you can use. Find cartoons in clip art books. Or, better yet, create your own and personalize them.
  10. Quizzes, Puzzles, Games.
  11. Excerpts and Reprints. Find articles appropriate to your setting in Insight, Group, Adventist View, Listen, etc. Call for permission to reprint in your newsletter.
  12. Photo Essays. Be humorous. Or get serious. Pick a topic. Ask for everyone to submit pictures with captions.

From: ABZ’s of Adventist Youth Ministry
© 2000 John Hancock Center for Youth&Family Ministry
Permission to copy for use in the local congregation or group.

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