Premium Christian Art and Photography

GoodSalt Inc., the leading online source of inspirational art, has now added their Conceptual Collection. This collection contains over 150 fresh and thought-provoking Christian concept images. This is not your father’s PowerPoint collection. These images must be seen and experienced. Their extensive CD library, now totaling 15, offers a convenient and affordable way for churches to add visual impact and meaning to their praise and worship events using their projection systems.

GoodSalt represents the finest work of both national and international award-winning artists and photographers. Much of the artwork was originally created for premium books and magazines. Licensed separately these images would cost thousands of dollars to use, but GoodSalt has compiled the best artwork available into these inexpensive collections.

All CD images are optimized for projection use with trademarked media programs such as PowerPoint, Easy Worship, Media Shout, Presentation Manager, SundayPlus, SongShow, and WorshipBuilder.

GoodSalt’s exclusive images depict Bible stories, praise and worship scenes, Christian holidays, positive and negative lifestyles, prayer, gospel parables, Christian motifs, illustrations of Jesus and many other themes.

One of GoodSalt’s most popular and original collections is their $65 Inspirational Backgrounds collection. These collections allow churches to convert their plain projected praise song slides into beautiful custom slides that feature imagery for the text itself. For example, a song praising Christ as the Divine Shepherd can be matched to a background and frame that features Jesus holding a lamb. This collection has changed thousands of plain text song presentations into a colorful multimedia experience.

The GoodSalt collections include: Professional Collections v.1-4, Inspirational Backgrounds v.1-2, God’s Creation v.1-2 (sold as a two volume set), Illustration&Clipart v.1-2, Easter v.1-2, Thanksgiving&Christmas v.1-2, and Conceptual Images Collection.

GoodSalt reviews new artwork and new artists every week and is constantly developing new collections for their customers. Other collections include: God’s Creation v.3 and Easter v.3.

A GoodSalt CD collection sampler is available by emailing GoodSalt at orders at or calling 800-805-8001., Inc. is a privately owned corporation and has been providing artwork to the Christian church market for more than 20 years. For more information and to view preview images from each collection, visit:

  • 5120 Prescott Ave
  • Lincoln NE 68506
  • United States