The Adventist Church and New Technologies

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives. More specifically, the Internet is playing a large role in how people shop, manage their money and work. The Internet is helping some organizations maximize their resources. More pointedly, this new work “ethic” allows entities to re-think how they use employees and their physical office space. Opportunities for creative solutions continue to emerge.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is aggressively looking at how the Internet and other new technologies can help fulfill its mission. In light of this, Rich DuBose interviewed Nancy Lamoreaux, Director of Information Technology Services for the North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists.

1. Rich: Nancy, as Director of Information Technology Services, how does your work impact our church organization?

Nancy: Information Technology Services (ITS) is dedicated to supporting the gospel ministry through the power of information technology. ITS influences the direction of technology applications, increased connectivity, and provides leading edge technical expertise throughout the North American Division. ITS is responsible for support, maintenance, and development of proprietary church software applications. These critical services provide the forum for rapid exchange of ideas that improve efficiency and communication toward building a broader church community.

2. Rich: Ok, let’s get specific. Under your umbrella is a new service called eAdventist.NET. What is this and how does it affect local churches and conferences?

Nancy: eAdventist.NET is web-based software for churches and conferences. Currently, it is focused primarily on church membership. It allows churches to work directly with their conferences to maintain the quality of their membership data. In turn, each church has immediate access to their current data. eAdventist.NET maximizes the impact of each local church clerk’s “membership ministry.”

3. Rich: What benefits are realized by local churches and conferences that subscribe to eAdventist.NET?

Nancy: On-line transfers are a huge one. “On-line” church clerks no longer have to complete and mail the triplicate transfer forms or monthly reports. Data access is another big plus. Pastors, church clerks, conference clerks and conference leaders all have access to the same current membership data that enables them to serve their members effectively without duplication of effort. When a clerk updates an address, the pastor, conference and union all have the same updated information instantly.

4. Rich: Who handles the administrative end of the eAdventist.NET software?

Nancy: As a North American Division project, eAdventist.NET is developed and supported by a dedicated three-member team. They also provide materials and assistance for training clerks. Two part-time team members assist with handling server maintenance, security and backups. Conferences administer the accounts for their clerks and pastors to ensure that only authorized people have access to the information.

5. Rich: I’m delighted to know the Seventh-day Adventist church is utilizing new technologies to help fulfill its mission. May God continue to bless your efforts!

Rich DuBose is Director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference and a producer of Christian web content.

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