What Is a Lay Evangelist?

Lay Evangelist - An evangelist is someone who has a burden to share the gospel in personal and public ways (depending upon their setting, personality and resources). Paul says Evangelism is a gift that God bestows on some of His followers.

Usually a lay evangelist is someone who has another profession or livelihood, but their passion is to share the gospel. Typically, lay evangelist have not received training from a college or seminary. Often they are mentored by a pastor or friend who recognizes their gift.

Evangelism methods employed include:

1. Giving Bible Studies
2. Personal visitation
3. Public presentations (sermons)
4. Street ministry
5. Telephone ministry
6. Health ministry
7. Conducting community surveys
8. Selling books and magazines
9. Radio/Television broadcasts

If you have leanings toward these kinds of activities, you will benefit from attending workshops, intensive classes, and seminars that deal with evangelism and outreach.

Work with your local church and pastor to explore opportunities for service. Start with small groups and learn all you can learn about relating to people.

Look for God's leading as you refine your gifts. Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance as you test your abilities and put God's promises to the test. Dream big!

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