What Is a Lay Pastor?

Lay Pastor - A lay pastor is a person who commits his or her life to the work of nurturing and shepherding church members and other spiritually inclined people.

A lay pastor may or may or may not receive remuneration (depending upon their particular situation). Many do receive a stipend salary from their local church.

Typically, lay pastors have not received formal theological training and work in a part-time, full-time capacity as additional staff under a senior pastor. Lay pastors are often used to help build up a specific ministry or ministries within a church because the other pastors need more assistance.

Some of the possible duties of a lay pastor include:

1. Member visitation
2. Giving Bible studies
3. Planning and managing events
4. Teaching classes
5. Organizing ministry opportunities
6. Speaking
7. Member training
8. Event coordination

Usually churches that can afford to hire a lay pastor are large enough to have specialized ministries. Lay pastors can be employed to help in many capacities that may be unique to your area.

Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church whenever a local church decides to employ a lay pastor, typically they are processed through the Conference's auxiliary payroll to ensure they are given all the benefits they are entitled to. This also relieves the local church of a great deal of employee-related paperwork.

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