Your Customized Events Page

We will create a complete event page for your convention, conference or program that will include:

  • EVENT DESCRIPTION - Promote your event! Include important information and share why someone would want to register to attend.
  • EVENT LOCATION - Show the location of your event along with directions and any special information.
  • SPEAKER PROFILES - Showcase your presenters with their title, subject and more.
  • EVENT FEES - Provide a complete listing of all fees including early bird discounts, if applicable, and any additional fees for attending the event.
  • DIRECT LINK FROM YOUR WEBSITE - Link directly from your organization’s web page plus get the additional exposure of thousands of people who come to the AdventSource website each day who will see your event.


Event Registration Services Overview

Benefits of Using Our Services

Collection and Accounting of Registration Fees

Event Page Set-up Fees and Cancellation Policy


In order to set up your event page, please download and complete the fillable PDF form and return it to If you have questions or need additional information, please email or call Heather at 402.486.8831.

Event registration is only one of the meeting planning services provided by AdventSource. For a complete list contact  


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