Dr. Samuel Betances: Christian Diversity Intelligence for Effective Urban Ministries in the North American Division


Samuel Betances has a compelling story that traces his journey from becoming a high school dropout to graduating from Broadview Academy and later from Columbia Union College. He went to earned two graduate degrees from Harvard University. Later he worked for the US Office of Education and became a professor of Sociology at Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Betances has lectured at Pacific Union College, Loma Linda School of Medicine, Walla Walla, Oakwood Adventist University and delivered the Commencement Address at La Sierra College and Southern Adventists University. He has also keynoted and consulted with the North American Division of SDA’s, Adventist Health Services, the University of the Southern Caribbean and Antillian Adventist University. Dr. Betances taught Urban Ministerial students at McCormick Theological Seminary and also served as a consultant to the US Air Force Chaplains. He did his post-doctoral work in the University of Wisconsin, where he studied Urban Social Institutions. He serves as a member of the summer Urban Educational Institute faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His book Ten Steps to the Head of the Class: A Challenge for Students is in its fourth printing. His new book Winning the Future through Education: One Step at a Time provides students and their educators a road map for academic success. Dr. Samuel Betances is a diversity professional who has lectured and worked as a consultant throughout the USA, all the Territories and in many countries overseas such as Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, England, Korea and Japan. He is a bilingual bicultural speaker and passionate advocate for social justice and diversity inclusion. His presentations are insightful and uplifting.

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