Faces of Grace (set of 2)

Faces of Grace (set of 2)

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Get both volumes of these touching biblical narratives and save money by purchasing the set. The six video segments are accompanied by a manual that includes a discussion guide for groups and for application to your life.

Faces of Grace is a personal one-on-one conversation with six common guys facing the stuff of everyday life.

Joseph, Thomas, Peter, Tertius, Demas, and John each speak directly to you about grace. Experience their honest, no holds barred tales. Each reveals his candid thoughts and mixed emotions as he becomes gripped by the awesome grace of Jesus.

Jere Wallack digs into his more than 41 years of ministry and honestly confronts his own personal experiences through Bible character encounters. As he does, he brings to life these authentic conversations. His desire is that only Jesus will be glorified in your life through these dynamic encounters.

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