Almost Home – Completing the Journey DVD

Almost Home – Completing the Journey DVD

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Leading the world church of Seventh-day Adventists, with membership of over 16 million, is an enormous responsibility, but one that Jan Paulsen humbly considers a privilege. He carries the responsibility with a sense of commitment and urgency for the future. During his tenure as president since March of 1999, Dr. Paulsen has traveled extensively in all thirteen Divisions of the world church to encourage and inspire its members in mission and to uphold one another in faithful witness.

In this volume of Adventist Preaching, Pastor Paulsen addresses the church family through sermons presented at GC Sessions, Annual Councils and the 100th anniversary of the Takoma Park Church. With his wife Kari, Paulsen began serving the church as a pastor, then educator and later a church administrator. He served as the president of Newbold College and the Trans-European Division before coming to the General Conference.

Dr. Paulsen is recognized as an eminent scholar in the field of Theology. He has published numerous articles and papers that have been prepared for commissions and conference publications. He is the author of two books: When the Spirit Descends and Let Your Light So Shine.

Disk One

  • Service - An Attitude
  • Being Useful to God
  • Keeping the Door Open

Disk Two

  • Living in Anticipation
  • Completing the Journey
  • Jan Paulsen: The Man and His Mission
  • Bonus: The President's 2007 Year-End Message

Adventist Preaching is a collection of sermon series presented by some of the most renowned preachers in the Adventist Church. It is produced quarterly to provide sermons for churches without speakers and to give members the opportunity to build a personal DVD library of favorite Adventist preachers.

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