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Signs of Hope DVD

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Jo Ann Davidson brings a new dimension to theology. Her in-depth study of God uncovers ideas and concepts that have given her classes a popular edge. Her theological discoveries tantalize the inquisitive and are neither boring nor too deep for any level of understanding.

Signs of Hope is no exception. Dr. Davidson says, “We often reduce our picture of God to ‘God is love’ whereas the biblical portrait of God is far grander!”

Jo Ann is the second woman to do a series for Adventist Preaching and is the first woman to teach in the Theological Department of the Andrews University Theological Seminary.

Pioneering often comes with some degree of difficulty so it’s not surprising that Dr. Davidson encountered some uncomfortable moments while students got used to the idea that a woman would be their instructor. In time, students considered it a privilege to sit at the feet of such a gifted scholar.

Dr. Davidson received a Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She has contributed chapters for several books, authored the book Jonah: The Inside Story, and has written numerous articles for publications.


  • God is Holy (37:13)
  • Lightning on the Mountain (47:17)
  • God is Judge (38:58)


  • Lord of the Delay (36:39)
  • God the Creator (47:45)
  • Interview with Jo Ann Davidson: The Woman and Her Mission

Adventist Preaching is a collection of sermon series presented by some of the most renowned preachers in the Adventist Church. It is produced quarterly to provide sermons for churches without speakers and to give members the opportunity to build a personal DVD library of favorite Adventist preachers.

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