The Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers DVD

The Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers DVD

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This edition of Adventist Preaching features eight Adventist pioneers who searched the scriptures to gain a personal understanding of Bible truth. It did not end there. Convinced that God had led them into new light, they traveled extensively preaching the Word.

Many of their sermons were recorded in archived journals which have made it possible for us to understand the debates which led to the formulation of our system of fundamental beliefs.

Distinguished preachers and talented individuals of today, dressed in period costume, have stepped back in time to preach the sermons of the pioneers.

Disk 1

  • William W. Prescott: “Abiding in Christ and Walking in Christ,” preached by Jose Rojas
  • James White: “The Second Advent,” preached by Dennis Farley
  • Uriah Smith: “Funeral Sermon of Henry N. White, preached by John Torres III

Disk 2

  • Roswell F. Cottrell: “Sermon Preached to Seneca Indians,” preached by Gary Patterson
  • Ellen G. White, “Our Present Dangers,” preached by Myrna Candelaria
  • J.N. Andrews: “Dime Tabernacle Dedicatory Sermon,” preached by Stephen Chavez

Bonus Disk 3

  • John Harvey Kellogg: “Bicycle Riding,” preached by Jonathan Brauer
  • Ella Eaton Kellogg: “The Mother’s Privilege" and "The Relation of Cookery to Health,” presented by Rae Patterson

Adventist Preaching is a collection of sermon series presented by some of the most renowned preachers in the Adventist Church. It is produced quarterly to provide sermons for churches without speakers and to give members the opportunity to build a personal DVD library of favorite Adventist preachers.

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