Steps to Christ: Recovery Edition

Steps to Christ: Recovery Edition

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God is crazy about you!

Not only that, He delights in your recovery. Learn how gently He works with you to help you see your need, to lead you to repentance, and to heal your heart. Discover how He wants to help you stand up in your recovery and reach out to others who are still struggling. Find out what it's like to laugh out loud in your own skin with Jesus.

This modern adaptation of the classic work by Ellen White will show you how to truly celebrate life in recovery!

Includes discussion questions for each chapter for your small group.

About the Author:

Cheri Peters is the founder of True Step Ministries. She hosts the popular television show, Celebrating Life in Recovery, aired on Three Angels Broad-casting Network ( Cheri has dedicated her life to helping those struggling with any type of abuse, dysfunction, or addiction, chemical or non-chemical, to step into recovery. Her 14-week Celebrating Life in Recovery programs have changed lives all around the world.

Paperback. 177 pages. Copyright 2013.

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