Simple Solutions Presenter's Pack

Simple Solutions Presenter's Pack

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Can a faulty diet increase stress, irritability, and risk for depression? How do diet and lifestyle affect immune function and stress system activity? Learn the latest from science on how to cope with stress and lower your stress proneness, while decreasing disease risk, improving immune function, and increasing energy! Discover how simple lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on your ability to deal with life's daily stressors. Learn how to lower stress and beat depression—one bite at a time!

The Simple Solutions Presenter’s Pack contains all the tools you need to help others implement simple lifestyle changes that protect against the ravages of stress and depression. It will also help participants lower their risk for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and stroke. The Presenter’s Package includes:

  • Facilitator’s manual and training DVD
  • Simple Solutions book
  • Simple Solutions seminar DVD
  • Scripted and plug-and-play DVD PowerPoint presentations
  • Scripted plug-and-play DVD lifestyle features
  • Guilt-free Gourmet Cookbook Volume 1
  • Simple Solutions CD audiobook

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