Mobilizing Men for One on One Ministry

Mobilizing Men for One on One Ministry

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The problem men's ministries face today is that the men aren't growing in their faith—and pastors can't meet every guy's needs. While breakfasts and golf outings still have a place in men's ministry, the solution is good relationships.

Drawing from the successes at his church and others, men's ministry expert Steve Sonderman shows how the most effective ministry happens one-on-one—with one man walking alongside another man. Complete with a step-by-step plan, Sonderman presents the vision and tools you and your church need to:

  • See the spiritual needs of men today
  • Equip them to minister to each other
  • Get men excited about spiritual growth
  • Mobilize them to become servant leaders

Don't let your ministry lose any more men. Learn how to make disciples who make disciples.

Paperback. Copyright 2010. 186 pages.

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