Old Man New Man (DVD)

Old Man New Man (DVD)

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This is the second production of the television series Old Man New Man—13 programs that specifically address the needs of men and the women and children who love them. This television ministry for men was created by Carolina Conference Men’s Ministry Director Minner Labrador who, as host of a radio talk show, became aware of the unique spiritual needs of men. Old Man New Man is the result of Pastor Labrador’s passion for reaching men and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At the time Elder Labrador also serves as the senior pastor of the Charlotte Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church. Under his leadership many members recognize a great spiritual awakening taking place that’s resulting in numerical and spiritual growth.

In these programs you will see that God has given Pastor Labrador a heart of wisdom and an ability to communicate the will of God in the most practical way through interviews with leaders, experts and authors discussing real-life issues that men face. These videos will help men grasp God’s will for their lives, marriages and relationships.


  • Men of Power
  • Have a Strong Marriage
  • A Father’s Influence
  • Effective Bible Study
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Integrity
  • How To Be a Great Father
  • Victory Lane
  • How to Walk with God
  • A Man’s Half-Time
  • Radical Prayer
  • Radical Protection
  • Jesus: A Man’s Man

Copyright 2011. Approx running time: 6.5 hours. Includes two DVDs.

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