The Gospel Memory Course (CD)

The Gospel Memory Course (CD)

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Discover how to increase your knowledge of the Gospel and enjoy Bible study more than ever before. With Pastor Hitchcock’s Gospel Memory Course, you will learn how to remember Scripture from the entire New Testament and be able to recall it instantly.

The Gospel Memory Course will help anyone, young or old, gain a better understanding of God’s Word. The purpose is to provide Christians of all denominations with a creative, effective, and fun way to remember where to find Scripture in the New Testament.

This system uses word pictures to help you remember the New Testament. In the same way Jesus used common pictures to help His listeners understand and remember the point He was making, this course employs techniques that have been used for centuries.

If you have been looking for a way to take your Scripture memorization to new heights, look no further than the Gospel Memory Course. As you allow the Holy Spirit to reach you as you become familiar with God’s Word, you will experience the joy of Bible study that will last a lifetime.

Includes 8 audio CDs.

Note: Click here to download the Gospel Memory Course Leader's Guide.

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