Transition House Handbook

Transition House Handbook

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“God is the power that transforms the suffering of the present to the hope of the future.”- James Cone, Speaking the Truth

The church must be more proactive in prison ministry and especially in the area of transitional living. Every year 650,000 inmates return to society. That is 54,166 every month, 12,500 every week, and 1.780 every day. What difference can you make for these children of God?

This Transition House Handbook outlines the framework and necessary tools for creating stability and longevity for your transition house. It starts with the reasons, demographics, and need for transition houses. The sections on feasibility studies and how to start a transitional house provide the justification for starting a transition house and the guidelines for starting your facility. You will also find sections on organization and operation that will be essential to the success of your facility.

In addition to these important basics, this handbook includes:

  • The composition of the board
  • Household maintenance staff
  • Transitional housing resident rules
  • How to fund your transition house
  • Information on budgets and grants
  • And much more!

Transitional housing is transitional in nature. It provides professional support, education, and stability with the goal of helping an ex-offender become a productive citizen. Use this handbook to see what your church and Christian community can do to encourage, support, and empower the transition process.

Paperback. Copyright 2019.

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