Hit the Mark CD: Presentation Skills for Better Discussions

Hit the Mark CD: Presentation Skills for Better Discussions

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The secrets to effective, engaging, interactive classroom discussions…at your fingertips!

This is the perfect solution for the busy teacher. Whether commuting, at home or the office, HIT the Mark Audio Training CD is guaranteed to provide practical and relevant instructions for teachers who want to improve their teaching abilities.

HIT the Mark Training Audio Training CD is a power-packed training guide for teachers at all levels. Using a question and answer format, in this one-hour plus audio book CD, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to become a great facilitator.

  • How to find the theme, create talking points, and develop take-aways
  • How to ask great questions…the type which stimulate great discussions
  • Tips for setting up class in sanctuary pews and individual classrooms
  • How to use visual aids to enhance classroom discussion
  • How to deal with different personalities and disruptive students

Remember, engaging facilitators get the best results! Order HIT the Mark Audio Training CD today and to get practical, relevant tools and training to help take your Sabbath School program to the next level!

Audiobook CD. Lenght 1 hour 12 minutes.

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