Faithful Stewards: 40 Stories of Faith & Action

Faithful Stewards: 40 Stories of Faith & Action

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Are you on the fence about tithing your hard-earned money? Do you wonder if it is wise to give offerings to church needs while the urgent needs of your own family remain on your conscience each moment of the day?

In today’s economy, every cent must be carefully accounted for and put to wise use. The management of money and possessions remains a tough subject—perhaps now more than ever. It’s difficult to know what might befall our situations next.

What does the Bible say? What does God Himself say? And what happens when God’s children, in recent times, put these words and promises to the test?

This 40-day devotional will guide you through biblical principles of giving, tithing, compassion, generosity, and leaning on God to provide what is needed. This book aims to demonstrate how His principles of stewardship are of the utmost importance at all times.

Paperback. 41 pages. Copyright 2013.

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