Journey of Joy - Leader's Guide Kit

Journey of Joy - Leader's Guide Kit

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Are you still on the path, or have you fallen off the cliff? Is your life’s journey a joy or a jumble of dead ends and broken dreams? Does it seem that you can never get it together?

Let Carla Gober guide you on your personal journey in this series of DVD Bible studies. An experienced counselor, theologian, university professor, and sought-after speaker, Carla explores the tangle of emotions that women often experience as they juggle home and church, children and parents, career and relationships.

Carla Gober’s insights will captivate you and your study group as she illustrates how the Bible holds answers to the issues that perplex 21st century women. As you watch the presentations, familiar stories will surprise and challenge you, and your heart will overflow with newfound understanding of the One who loves you more than you can imagine.

Discover the difference between joy and happiness, and how you can experience joy even during life’s darkest moments. Learn how a woman’s emotions and her spirituality are inextricably connected. Uncover new ways to study Scripture. Experience laughter and tears through learning techniques such as drawing, journaling, and role-playing. And most importantly, revel in the Lord’s blessing on your Journey of Joy.

The Leader’s Kit includes 11 video sessions on DVD, a leader’s guide, and one participant’s study guide.

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