Abuse Prevention Day Program Booklet

Abuse Prevention Day Program Booklet

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Abuse Prevention Day Program Booklet

The fourth Sabbath in August has been designated by the Annual Council as the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day.

Women's Ministries will be working with Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Children's Ministries, the Youth Department, Education Department, and Ministerial Association in preparing materials for the prevention emphasis day.

Although it is an uncomfortable subject for many people, it has become more and more obvious that abuse is a serious problem for Christians, including Adventists. Abuse in any form deforms the body of Christ--for the victim, for the perpetrator, and for the church that is left with the hurting members.

The emphasis day will provide an opportunity for local churches to address this issue, to educate church members and leadership, and to let victims know that their church cares.

Booklet Outline:

  • Sermon: The Abscense of Love by Jean Parchment
  • Abuse Awareness Day Children's Page
  • Preventing Abuse & Violence
  • Beating Up My Spouse
  • 7 Myths & Facts about Domestic Violence
  • Resources
  • Seventh-day Adventist Statement on Family Violence
  • Seventh-day Adventist Statement on Child Sexual Abuse

Paperback. 32 pages. Copyright 2004.

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