Women in the Bible...and Me

Women in the Bible...and Me

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Women are important to God. As one studies the Scriptures, it is amazing to discover how many stories of important women God has included in His book. God makes it clear that women are important to Him.

It is good to know that other women—the women of the Bible—have walked before us. How wonderful to know these women have left us sure guidelines, practical instruction, wise principles, comfort, and hope. The women featured in these Bible studies will help you face your trials, knowing you are not alone.

Studying the lives of these noteworthy women, you will learn that God has called women to play a significant role in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will understand that each woman today is invited to fulfill God’s call to be a blessing—in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will learn from their mistakes, their successes, and their challenges. You will discover that God’s blessings are heaped upon the woman who trusts in the Lord.

Through the stories of these women of the Bible, God has a message for a woman like you. We pray that this study will help you to know the great value He places on you. May you trust His calling and follow in faith.

Copyright 2009. 14 loose leaf lessons.

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