Temperament Inventory

Temperament Inventory

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Having a knowledge of the temperament types is one of the best ways to understand the behaviors of oneself and of others. A person’s temperament plays a major role in forming the personality and affects the moral and spiritual development, academic performance, vocational choice, popularity, ability to concentrate, and memory. The theory of the four temperaments has existed since the time of the early Greeks.

The temperament test is made up of 80 yes-or-no questions. The questionnaire was tested on a sample of 4,500 people and is said to be "one of the four scientifically validated temperament tests in existence." The inventory can be used for individual or group administration.

Developed at Andrews University, this resource is a self-analysis with a Christian viewpoint. By knowing their personality strengths and weaknesses, your team will be more effective in ministry. Each participant will need his or her own copy.

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