Bible Fun Stuff: Crafty Cookin'

Bible Fun Stuff: Crafty Cookin'

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Children love hands-on projects, and in Crafty Cookin’ kindergarten and first grade students mix, squash, crush, roll, sprinkle, and pour their way through a healthy Bible lesson! These edible, ten-minute projects employ simple instructions, and with tasty fruits, colorful vegetables, and other easy-to-find foods. Children create kid-pleasing snacks like cookie animal faces, popcorn-ball globes, rainbow fruit juice, caramel apple owls, and more. And while kids are creating, they're learning important Bible stories and concepts, too. So spice up your Sunday school or add some zest to your home or Christian-school activities with Crafty Cookin'!

A part of the Bible FunStuff series, Crafty Cookin' has twenty-six creative recipes to engage kids with fantastic Bible-focused, high-energy fun! This handy resource fits well with any curriculum or can be used for stand-alone activities.

Paperback. 112 pages. Copyright 2009.

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