Investigation Station VBS Opening & Closing Leader's Guide (English)

Investigation Station VBS Opening & Closing Leader's Guide (English)

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This guide includes everything you need to lead the opening and closing program as part of the Investigation Station VBS program. Each day begins and ends in a general session. The songs and memory verse are introduced at the opening program. This is also where the children meet Sam and Alex, the lead and assistant investigators, and discover each day’s question. At the closing program the clues are all brought together and the kids learn the answer to the day’s question.

Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: Some say we were created by a master alien race, others say we came from monkeys—what’s the real deal?
  • Day 2: I heard that our bodies work on a seven-day clock and that if we don’t take time to recharge, our bodies will force us to. What does that mean?
  • Day 3: Why are so many things in this world messed up?
  • Day 4: Is Noah’s ark a real story?
  • Day 5: How old is the earth?

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