The Genesis Factor VBS: Make it Yours Guide (Crafts) Spanish

The Genesis Factor VBS: Make it Yours Guide (Crafts) Spanish

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This booklet includes all the information you need to lead the Make It Yours station as part of the Investigation Station VBS program. Two craft options are offered each day. Option 1 provides a more challenging and durable craft and option 2 utilizes AccuCut dies. Choose the craft that best fits your church’s budget and your time constraints. Visit for more ideas and options in different price ranges.

Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: World of Evidence, “God Made Me” Mirror
  • Day 2: It’s Puzzling, 7th Heaven Heart Pillow
  • Day 3: Trust in God Key Chain, License Plate
  • Day 4: Fossil Clam, Life Preserver
  • Day 5: Investigation Identification Card and Holder, Grass Plant Pal and Butterfly Pot Sticker

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