The Genesis Factor VBS: The BIG 3 Guide (Science) English

The Genesis Factor VBS: The BIG 3 Guide (Science) English

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This booklet includes the script for the Big 3 station that is part of the Investigation Station VBS program. The Big 3 Station is where creation expert Rich Aguilera finds scientific clues that prove the Bible is true. Aguilera goes on location from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone and Sequoia National Parks to show that God created the earth, the flood is a true story, our bodies need one day of rest each week, and more.

This interactive station will provide the kids with three clues each day. Once the video is over, give each child a pen or pencil and have them write the clues in their journals.

Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: The Mega Voice – God Created the Universe
  • Day 2: The Special Day – God Blessed the Sabbath Day
  • Day 3: The Huge Mistake – God Made Rules that were Broken
  • Day 4: The Big Bath – God Is Ready to Save Us
  • Day 5: The Fresh Start – God Helps Us Start Over

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