Kidsville VBX Adventures with Dr Luke (Spanish)

Kidsville VBX Adventures with Dr Luke (Spanish)

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Xperience Jesus’ love through engaging Bible stories.

Day 1: Jesus shows His love by accepting us. Dr. Luke recalls the time when Jesus showed His love for kids by instructing the disciples to allow them to come to Him. He welcomed them even though others felt that they were not important enough to demand His attention.

Day 2: Jesus shows His love by caring for us. Dr. Luke relives the story of the Good Samaritan through an interactive group skit showing how the Samaritan cared for one who needed help. Jesus instructs us to go and do the same.

Day 3: Jesus shows His love by always being there for us. Dr. Luke interviews the Apostle Peter as he shares his testimony about that terrifying night at sea. As Jesus calmed the storm, He can do the same in our lives today.

Day 4: Jesus modeled forgiveness on the cross by extending it to those who hurt Him. In Adventures with Dr. Luke, Mary painfully relives the sacrifice that Jesus made. Just as Jesus forgave us, we need to be able to forgive those who hurt us.

Day 5: All week, Dr. Luke has been teaching the kids about what it means to let Jesus love others through them. In today’s lesson, Zacchaeus shares that although he wasn’t perfect, Jesus’ belief in him changed his life. When we believe in others, Jesus can use us to make a difference in their lives.

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