Kidsville VBX Play Station

Kidsville VBX Play Station

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Xperience the Action Points through fun and interactive activities.

Day 1: Silly Scramble is a simple tag game that primes kids to talk about acceptance and how we can learn to accept those who want to be our friends.

Day 2: Devoted Defender is a dodge ball-type game that demonstrates the role that we as Christians play in sticking up for those who might not have someone to defend them.

Day 3: Trickier Telephone is a charade relay game in which kids will communicate an action or a motion rather than a phrase or a story. The object of this game is to reinforce the importance of paying attention to visual cues.

Day 4: Eager Escapade is a form of an egg-toss relay game that gives kids the opportunity to practice forgiveness.

Day 5: Flourish Fish is a cooperative game where kids fan paper fish into schools, simulating how Jesus can use us to help others fulfill their purpose.

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