Kidsville VBX Snack Shack - Spanish

Kidsville VBX Snack Shack - Spanish

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Xperience and enjoy tasty snacks that will help reinforce the Bible stories.

Day 1: Today the kids are enjoying a snack of breadsticks and dipping sauces. They are reminded of how Jesus accepts us as they dunk their breadsticks, representing us, into the red and white dipping sauces that represent Jesus’ love.

Day 2: Today’s snack is a piece of banana bread in the shape of a heart. The heart is to remind us that Jesus cares for us and how we can care for others. Kids are encouraged to think of ways that they can show the care of Jesus to others.

Day 3: The Snack Shack special today is a taco boat. The veggie meat in the shell represents the kids. As they add toppings to cover the veggie meat, the kids are reminded of the many ways Jesus is with them and covers them.

Day 4: Today’s snack is a cross made of fruits. As they prepare and enjoy their snack, the kids are reminded of Jesus dying on the cross to forgive our sins.

Day 5: Our hearts and minds have many layers—similar to a parfait. In today’s snack, kids will learn that sometimes a hardened outward appearance, like the granola, is only hiding a person’s soft, sweet side, like the yogurt. When kids learn to believe in others as Jesus believes in them, it only takes a little digging to uncover someone’s true potential.

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