VBX Kidsville The Club House (Spanish)

VBX Kidsville The Club House (Spanish)

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Xperience how Jesus can use you to love others through relational activities.

Day 1: Teacher Tess teaches acceptance through empathy as kids are given a specific tool or clothing that represents a person’s job. They are asked to imagine how the employee would feel on their first day of work. The Action Point is further emphasized by playing Musical Chairs where they practice acceptance by coming up with a way to encourage each other when they are eliminated.

Day 2: Teacher Tess teaches the lesson of caring by being observant through the game of Dr. Luke Says, a version of Simon Says, except that no one is eliminated. Observance is further emphasized through the game Identifying Feelings where kids are encouraged to pay attention to the emotions of others.

Day 3: Teacher Tess teaches how to be supportive when others go through difficult times. The kids use a multi-colored beach ball to talk about their feelings and also how to be there for a friend through all of life’s emotions.

Day 4: Teacher Tess teaches about the importance of releasing grudges and hurt feelings through forgiveness. Each kid is given a corn seed to place in their shoe as they walk around. It’s to represent a grudge and how uncomfortable it is to hold onto. Kids will plant their seed, symbolizing that they have chosen to let it go and turned it over to God.

Day 5: Teacher Tess teaches the importance of knowing that Jesus believes in us. The kids will create iCan cans to store their goal of how they plan to help others feel loved. They will also receive encouraging star stickers to affirm those who have shown the love of Jesus to others.

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