Growing in the Christian Life, CD Only

Growing in the Christian Life, CD Only

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Evangelists have long used multimedia for public meetings because they have learned it makes a difference. People are more attentive, the message easier to follow, more scripture can be used in a shorter period of time, and people are more likely to retain what they have seen in our media-driven world. However, pastors are busy, and until recently, with the development of better technology, routinely using multimedia in the pulpit on Sabbath mornings has been little more than a fascinating idea.

This collection of sermons has been tried and tested in the real world. Each message is Biblical and practical for growing in the Christian life. The messages have been gleaned from several years of weekly multimedia preaching, and represent some of the best of Pastor Glenn Holland's collection.

Whether you are:

  • New to multimedia, and wanting sermons you can easily preach
  • A veteran PowerPoint user interested in fairly evaluating Scala software
  • Wanting fresh ideas for impactful and dynamic Sabbath sermons
  • Looking for new and better ways to use technology for advancing the gospel message
This package is for you!

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