Vida - Pastor's Study Set (Spanish)

Vida - Pastor's Study Set (Spanish)

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"... I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." Jesus

The LIFE small group kit includes everything you need to grow your church in Leadership, Identity, Family and Evangelism.  LIFE is a practical process where you can make sure that each member is involved in the making friends and introducing them to a more abundant life. This kit includes:

  • 1 Manual for Pastors
  • 1 Manual for the Church
  • 1 Manual for Small Group Leaders
  • 1 Manual for Discipleship Pairs
  • 1 LIFE Guide for Small Groups Ministry
  • 1 “The Faith of Jesus” Bible study for interests 

Dedicate time and prayer to study the Manual for Pastors. Make plans to study the Manual for Small Groups with the members of your small group.

Lessons in the Manual for the Church may be used for a week of prayer or studied during weekly worship meetings. Once the Manual for Small Groups has been studied, it’s time to organize small groups to study the Manual for Discipleship Pairs. You will also find Bible courses which will be of great help to the discipleship pairs.


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