Special Offer - The Blueprint Study Guide

Special Offer - The Blueprint Study Guide

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These free study guides are available to customers who purchase 50+ copies of the Blueprint DVD. For more information please contact customer service at
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The Education Department of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists is committed to the blueprint for education described by Ellen White, and has a mission “to develop the ‘whole person’ concept in each student.”

The department developed a list of ten goals for Adventist education, which are used as a framework for this study guide. For each goal, you will find correlating quotes from the film, Bible texts, and an Ellen White resources—followed by questions for discussion. It is hoped that this guide will help your study group consider the overall themes, ideas, and goals that will lend themselves to a rich and fruitful discussion of the film and of Adventist education.

Paperback. 41 pages. Copyright 2013.

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