Who? Where? What?

Who? Where? What?

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A role-playing game to develop and clarify values. The game goes in three stages:

1. Who? Role the colored dice to discover the role you will play, such as young adult female, unpopular teen, athlete, a mother, brother, senior citizen, etc.

2. Where? Role the two dice and add the numbers to identify the setting where you will role-play. The numbers with their corresponding descriptions can be found on the side of the box. These include at a concert, in a restaurant, stuck in an elevator, at a varsity game, in a church lobby, etc.

3. What? Pick one of the Challenge Cards or one of the Christian Challenge Cards and read the topic of your discussion. Each topic pits the two participants on opposite sides of an issue. By role-playing, the participants aren't making these arguments or statements personally, but simply through the lens of the role they are playing. Or is it that simple?

Play the game with two people in front of others, or divide everyone into twosomes and have everyone role-play the same situation simultaneously.

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