Youth Ministry in the 21st Century

Youth Ministry in the 21st Century

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This volume focuses on eight revolutionary findings from The National Study of Youth and Religion. You'll gain powerful insights and tons of practical ideas to immediately use in your ministry. Includes worship ideas, discussion starter, object lessons, ideas for family activities, outreach, and much more.

The Basics of Faith

Guide teenagers to understand the basics of the gospel and the role God really wants to play in their lives.

Everyday Faith 

Help teenagers have a faith that matters–a living, vibrant, everyday relationship with God that impacts every part of their lives.

Faith Expressed

Help students articulate and express their faith in Jesus through everything they do and say.

Spiritual Training

Engage students in spiritual training so they'll be practiced at living out their faith in real ways.

Community Building

Create a safe, authentic ministry that encourages teenagers to be who they are–and grow closer to each other and Jesus.


Involve, serve, love, and work alongside the most essential people in teenagers' faith development–parents.

Outreach and Evangelism

Introduce Jesus to teenagers and equip them to reach out to their friends with Jesus' love.


Help students become committed Jesus-followers who explore everything with a filter of prayer, careful thought, and biblical perspective.

Copyright 2006. Group Publishing. 221 pages.

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