Celebration of Love - Family Ministries Planbook 2011

Celebration of Love - Family Ministries Planbook 2011

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It is time for God’s families to celebrate love! Jesus helped us see that love for God and our neighbors is at the heart of God’s commandments. Love in human relationships is so crucial, yet so often it is in scarce supply. This planbook will assist pastors and family ministries leaders as they guide families into nurturing, loving relationships. Here is a short list of what you will find:


  • A Celebration of Love
  • Letting Go & Letting God
  • How to Face a Family Crisis


  • Celebrate Your Marriage!
  • Bridging the Love Gap
  • From the Window Ledge

Children’s Stories

  • The Twins’ Answered Question
  • Lifesavers
  • Elena’s Other Family

Leadership Resources

  • Two Things Men Need (But Won’t Talk About)
  • How to Relive Your Honeymoon

There are many ways to celebrate love in our families. Most important is that we learn to be proactive and intentionally look for ways we may celebrate being in relationships with our children, our parents, our siblings, our in-laws, our friends and especially God. The better we love and find ways to foster love, the more we emulate God, grow closer to Him, and help hasten the coming of Jesus Christ.

Paperback. Copyright 2010. 80 pages.

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