Women's Ministries Handbook

Women's Ministries Handbook

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This easy-to-use handbook is a complete resource for women’s ministries directors and leaders. You will find everything from how to start a ministry to planning a retreat. Do you need a program? You’ll find more than 60 ideas you can use!

Each chapter is presented in a user-friendly format. You’ll learn to:

  • Write a personal mission statement
  • Work with a committee
  • Develop personal leadership qualities
  • Mentor new members
  • Advertise your programs
  • And much more!

Discover how to use surveys to assess local needs and follow up with one of the many field-tested projects suggested in this handbook. Use our template to set up a successful budget for your ministry.

This book is packed with great ideas, valuable information, and helpful resources. You will find the tools you need to turn your vision of dynamic women’s ministries into reality!

Paperback. 100 pages. Copyright 2015.

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