Adventurer Leadership Growth Curriculum USB

Adventurer Leadership Growth Curriculum USB

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The Adventurer Leadership Growth curriculum is designed to provide Adventurer Club leaders with advanced leadership training. It includes units on leading the Adventurer Club team, Adventurer parents and caregivers, Adventurer Club children, and the Adventurer Club. Also included are units about:

  • Team building
  • Building self-esteem and fostering resilience
  • Resolving conflict
  • Embracing diversity
  • Identifying learning styles
  • Including Adventurers with disabilities
  • Developing faith in Adventurers
  • Using positive discipline
  • Recognizing signs of abuse
  • Connecting children to God through nature
  • Teaching Christian values
  • And more!

Surveys, activities, and worksheets are included for participants to complete as they learn and grow as leaders. Includes instructions for individual use and group learning. This curriculum also contains recommended resources and suggestions for supplemental reading.

Created by the North American Division. (AdventSource). Copyright 2010. USB with PDF worksheets.

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