Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust

Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust

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  • Is your church really as safe as you think it is? 
  • If someone was abusing a child close to you, could you tell?
  • Don't victims often make up accusations to get attention?
  • Does "forgive and forget" include letting a sex offender attend church with children present?
  • How can we effectively protect our most vulnerable members?

Far too often, faith communities are unwitting soft targets for abuse of many kinds. Myths on forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation, and reporting are abundant -- allowing predators and abusers to easily manipulate, charm, and deceive many trusting leaders, parents, and children. Myths We Believe, Predators We Trust will equip you to debunk 37 common myths about abusers in church, making your faith community a safer place.

Paperback. 46 pages. Copyright 2019. 

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