The Blueprint: A Manual for Reaching the Cities

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    Jarod Thurmon, Rico Hill

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Imagine standing in the middle of a major city. All of your senses are taken to the limit by the flashing lights, rushing traffic, towering buildings, blaring music, overflowing crowds. Take it all in—the fast paced, never-slow-down atmosphere.

How can we ever reach the people in these cities with the gospel? In The Blueprint: A Manual for Reaching the Cities Rico Hill and Jared Thurmon present the Beehive method, a tried-and-true approach to urban ministry with a new twist. They explain the dream that inspired the method and describe how this model can serve as an effective prototype for modern urban outreach.

Now imagine standing in the middle of a major city. Try to see it through God’s eyes—a city filled with His children. Now imagine how you can reach them for Christ.

Paperback. 107 pages. Copyright 2013.

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